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Reverse the Order of Items in a Featurettes Component

When you use a Featurettes component or a Featurettes Cards component, you may wish to expand the number of items displayed at some point in the future. When you bump up the number of items, this will add items to the end of the series of items by default. But sometimes you may want to add items to the beginning of the series (for example, you may want to order the items from newest to oldest).

In the old version of the Design System this was a problem, because it required having to shift the content from each editable region in each item to the next by copying and pasting the content. We’ve fixed this problem in version 2 of the Design System by giving you the option to reverse the order of the items.

Reversing Items in a Theme Partial

In the template that contains your component, add a reverseItems: true parameter. For example:

{% render "components/featurettes" reverseItems: true %}

Reversing Items in the Super Template

In the page properties of the page that contains your component, navigate to the Slots tab and find the slot that contains your component. Check the “Reverse Items” box, and save your properties.