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Add a Shared Partial to a Template

Adding a Shared Partial Manually

Adding a shared partial to a template is easy if you’re familiar with building CleanSlate themes. If you aren’t, please see our CleanSlate Development Video Tutorial Series. Use the {% render %} tag to accomplish this. Each component’s documentation page has an example of its {% render %} tag, along with the available parameters. A full tag looks like this:

{% render "components/wvu-hero" main: true %}

CleanSlate knows to pull the designated component from our shared partials if you have no partials in your local theme that have the same name.

Adding a Shared Partial to a Super Template

All CleanSlate themes that use the WVU Design System have a template called the Super Template. If this template is assigned to a page in your site, you can add a shared partial using the Slots tab in the page’s properties. Just select the partial you want to add to a slot, then use the available configuration options for that slot. Fore more details, see our how-to guide on Building a Custom Layout Using the Super Template.