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Use custom utilities in combination with Bootstrap to brand your website with WVU’s colors, typography, and elements. This allows you to design a website without touching the CSS or theme files. But if you have the know-how, we also provide mixins to let you easily incorporate these styles into your own Sass.

Utility Pages


Want to easily change a type element to Helvetica Black Condensed or Iowan Old Style Italic? Use our typography utilities.

Read More: Typography


Want to easily style text, buttons, borders, and backgrounds? Use our color utilities.

Read More: Color


Our utilities offer a variety of styles for ordered and unordered lists, step indicators, progress indicators, and a timeline.

Read More: Lists


Want to add a slash, Flying WV pattern, or grid pattern to spice up an element? Our element utility classes make it easy.

Read More: Elements

Background Effects

Add a multiply, lighten, or vignetting effect to an element’s background image to create visually striking content.

Read More: Background Effects

Background Positioning

Sometimes you need to crop a background image at different breakpoints. Our background positioning utilities allow you the flexibility to do this.

Read More: Background Positioning

Combining Background Utilities

You don’t have to limit yourself to one background image effect. See what combinations work best.

Read More: Combining Background Utilities

Putting It All Together

Combine our typography, color, and background effects with Bootstrap’s utilities to create visually striking layouts in no time.

Read More: Putting It All Together