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A Design System for WVU

The WVU Design System is a set of principles and guidelines, as well as a collection of code and visual assets that make it easy to create WVU-branded websites.

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Building Your Site

Quickly build website themes using WVU-branded components and utilities.


Want to apply a gold slash to a block of type? Want to use the Helvetica Black Condensed typeface to make your copy stand out? Just apply one of our utility classes.

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Components are the building blocks of WVU-branded templates. We offer a wide variety to meet your users’ needs.

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The WVU Design System offers a variety of new templates to serve common user needs. Need to display a staff directory, a contact page, and a program listin? We have you covered.

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Need to make a college or department website? Want to turn your site into an online magazine? Need a site for a conference or event? Check out our theme guidelines.

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Shared Partials

Shared partials are the engine of the WVU Design System CleanSlate theme. We offer a number of How-To Guides to help you configure them.

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