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Add a Thumbnail Image or Profile Photo to a Page

If you’re pulling content dynamically to a page using a collection component, you can include a thumbnail for each collection item. You do this by associating a thumbnail image with each page you want to pull in to the collection.

  1. If you haven’t uploaded your photo yet, navigate to the Files tab in the CleanSlate admin.
  2. Click the green Upload Files button in the upper-right corner.
  3. Drag and drop your image file to the modal window, or click the Add Files button and browse for the photo on your computer to select it.
  4. Click Upload Files.
  5. Once your file is uploaded, right-click on the file’s thumbnail image, then click Copy Image Address.
  6. Go to the Pages tab in your dashboard.
  7. Find the page you want to associate the image with.
  8. Hover over the page and click Properties.
  9. Click on the Custom Data tab.
  10. Scroll down and find the Thumbnail URL field (if you’re uploading an image with a 1:1 aspect ratio, for example to use in a People Collection component, use the Thumbnail URL Square field instead).
  11. Paste the URL into the field.
  12. Enter Alt Text into the Thumbnail Alt Text field.
  13. Click Save.