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Twitter Feed

Shared Partial Name:


When to Use

Use this when you want to feature tweets on your website and/or promote your Twitter account.

Example: Standard Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget Header

Subhead goes here.

Content Model and Styling Guidelines

The following guidelines will help ensure your content and styling follow our design principles, and ensures consistency and unity across your pages as well as other WVU-branded websites.

Content-Specific Guidelines

Content Max Characters Description
Headline* 48 A headine e.g. “Latest Updates.”
Subhead 56 More details about the account e.g. “For more updates, check us out on Twitter.”
Tweets* N/A A list of the latest tweets.
Twitter Handle* N/A A link to your Twitter account.

* Indicates required content.

Shared CleanSlate Partial

Type: Static (uses editable regions)

This component corresponds to the latest version of the shared twitter-widget partial in the Design System CleanSlate. CleanSlate developers can use this component by adding a shared partial to a template. Below are the available configuration options for this component.