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Master List of Shared Partial Attributes

Here is a full list of shared partial attributes. You can use these when rendering shared partials in a template or configuring shared partials using the Super Template.

Render Snippet Attribute Super Tempalte Attribute Applicable Components Options Description
align Align hero left
Shifts the copy to the left, middle, or right. Use the option best suited to let the subject of your background image show through.
N/A If custom, name of partial N/A A string that matches the name of your custom partial If the name of a custom component is supplied, the custom component will display in the slot. See how to add a custom component to a page that uses the Super Template.
customLabel Custom Label page-collection A string that matches the name of the label you wish to use to pull content into the component If a custom label is applied, use it to label pages from which you want to feed content into the component. See how to use collection and profile components to display content dynamically.
primaryHeading Primary Heading hero default
Sets the component’s primary heading to either h1 or h2. If set to default, the default heading will apply.